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iVogel is a Munich-based company that develops utility and entertainment apps for iOS environment. The company approached me with a request to redesign an existing app. The goal was to move from skeuomorphic to more flat look and provide better hierarchy, more user-friendly experience. The design process also included steps such as redefining key functionality and structure of application.

Compass54 is available for download on iTunes.

compass54 icon
compass54 rotation

In the before/after screenshots below you can see the difference in organization of elements, use of negative space, and clarity of displayed information and transformation from skeuomorphic to flat look.

Compass design before and after
weather icons

First, I ran a quick heuristic evaluation and analized the current app with the client. This is quite a simple app and I found that providing a clear grid and information organization will solve many of the current problems.

compass54 process

In addition to designing this application the client had an idea for a mark that I helped to develop into the company logo. The initial sketch was provided which guided the process of creating the mark.

compass54 logo sketch
compass54 final logo
compass54 logo process animation
compass54 logo process