Web Design


Infinity is a jewelry design company based in Georgia. It was established in 1972. The company recently decided to redesign their website to reflect their designers' experimentation with various gemstones, materials, and focus on crafting fine jewelry line.

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, confidential information in this project has been omitted and obfuscated.

The initial stages of the process included defining information architecture and user flows. Further followed wireframes and visual language studies where I designed modules and repeatable elements to create consistency in the interface and streamline the integration of Wordpress CMS for the website.


Many interactions of hand-sketched wireframes helped me explore grid and layout options and identify necessary modules.

hand-sketched wireframes

While honing the visual language and waiting for high-quality photographs from the client, I decided to create high-fidelity detailed wireframes for this project that help me refine the grid, elements, typographic hierarchy.


Element collage helped me quickly try out the visual language on project elements. Instead of designing a full page I apply a visual language to see how well this language would work across multiple modules.

Visual language

There are still some final tweaks and content edits coming; however, below are final mockups of the website.

Visual language