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A Centralized Management System to Control All Aspects of Rental Business Operations

Rental companies use various tools to manage their business operations. These tools include inventory management software, accounting tools, client databases, etc. My client is a product startup that allows small and medium-sized rental businesses manage all these necessary operations through one centralized web-based system.

The model below was created to describe the relationship of all the parts that make up the unity of operations performed by the client's product.


Discussions and sketching helped to figure out key workflows and processes. These were later refined to create detailed user flows.


The rental management system is meant to be used by small and medium-sized companies — we have various types of users. In ongoing user research we have not yet identified the primary persona. The work was focusing on identifying people involved in the process as well as creating storyboards that detail out the stages and illustrate key concepts.


The ongoing steps related to user research also include detailing scenarios that describe end-to-end user flows.

I went through multiple sketching and wireframing iterations to plan and think through the UX and organization of elements on pages. In fact this process is not over yet. Some pages and functionality proved to be quite complex both from the UX and also technical standpoint and it also took a huge collaborative effort with engineers to streamline these experiences.