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My Room: A Mobile App that Helps You Earn Rewards and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

It is certainly quite limiting that currently the most popular (and in many cases the only) means of communication concerning our room service preferences is the "Do not disturb" door hanger. Every day around 6 million people stay at hotel rooms all over the world. Every one of them has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to room service.

Our team believes that utilizing human-centered design approach we can find a solution that creates high-quality customer experience and at the same time streamlines the business process and supports seamless service delivery.

Hotels (including hotel chains) are not taking fool advantage of today's technology. There are numerous apps where one can book a hotel, check-in, get information and around-the-clock assistance, etc. However, this doesn't really help personalize your stay.

Here are three of the strongest competitors in this field:


To visualize and refine the idea we initially created simple user flows. An interactive low-fidelity prototype helped us conduct a guerilla testing, and collect users' feedback on the concept.

It became clear that users need to see the rewards they are earning, impact on the environment (reduction of their carbon footprint), and easy and fun personalization process.

flow sketch

A quick Marvell App prototype helped find out what potential users think about the app.

interactive prototype
quick user flow
Guerilla testing

Multiple rounds of iteration and guerilla testing resulted in many tweaks and changes within the concept, interaction, and proposed competitive advantage. Unlike many other apps on the market My Room will focus on housekeeping, reward system, carbon footprint tracking, and reduction of hotel costs. It would help:

  • Improve communication between hotel guests and housekeeping.
  • Add personalization to your stay.
  • Lower housekeeping inefficiencies.
  • Cut down carbon footprint of corporate travelers.
  • Reduce unintentional wasteful behaviors.
  • Help develop eco-friendly travel habits.
visual design
visual design
visual design

Earn rewards! Reduce your carbon footprint! Personalize your stay!